Personal Loan EMI Calculator Online

Personal Loan EMI Calculater Online: If you are planning to buy a Anything, then it will also be important to decide how much loan is necessary. Along with this, it is also very important to know how much the EMI amount will be and according to your current income, will you be able to repay this amount easily every month. You can estimate your EMI using the calculator for Personal loan EMI calculator Online given above.

With a personal loan EMI calculator, you can easily calculate your monthly EMI and plan your loan effectively.



Use the calculator.yojanakhojo.com Personal loan EMI calculator online below to calculate the amount you borrow, the interest rate and your EMI immediately and online and also the details of your installments.


Personal Loan EMI Calculator
Loan Amount
Repayment in months
Interest Rate
Interest payable
Total payable

Know More About Personal Loan EMI Calculator Online

To know this, you can use the personal loan EMI calculator of Calculator Yojana Khojo. Select the loan amount, tenor and interest rate to get the exact EMI amount payable.

How to reduce the EMI of personal loan?

EMI can affect your monthly expenses until repayment is not completed. Here are some easy steps that can help reduce your loan EMI:

  • Choose a longer repayment period - this will help you to divide your loan over a longer period and pay it in smaller installments.
  •  Maintain a good CIBIL score to take advantage of low interest rate and reduced EMI
  • Shop for the best offers around you, keeping in mind your repayment capacity and needs.

What are the factors affecting personal loan EMI?

The following factors affect the EMI of a personal loan -:

  • Loan amount - The monthly installments payable are in proportion to the loan amount chosen. The higher the loan amount, the larger the EMI.
  • Applicable interest rate - The interest rate is one percent, the rate at which lenders charge interest on the loan amount. A higher interest rate increases the EMI, while a lower interest rate reduces the EMI.
  • Term - This is the repayment period of the loan taken and it is linked to EMI. The longer duration reduces the monthly installment, while the shorter duration can increase the installment price.



At the interest rate of 13% on Calculator Yojana Khojo for different periods of Rs. Check EMI for personal loan of 1 lakh.

2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year
EMI Rs.4,754 Rs.3,369 Rs.2,683 Rs.2,275
Total payment amount Rs.1,14,101 Rs.1,21,303 Rs.1,28,769 Rs.1,36,528
Total interest payable Rs.14,101 Rs.21,303 Rs.28,769 Rs.36,528

How is the loan interest rate calculated?

The interest rate of personal loan, which you pay with EMI, can be calculated online. You have to use a personal loan calculator.

As soon as you select the desired loan amount and repayment period along with the interest rate, this tool tells you the exact amount of interest payable. This will be the total interest amount payable on the required loan amount over a period.

Before applying for a loan in India, you can use the Calculator Yojana Khojo Personal Loan EMI calculator Online to know the exact EMI amount. This will help you in arranging for EMI in advance.

What is a personal loan amortization schedule?

Personal loan amortization schedule is a detailed table of payments to be made from time to time during the loan period. Amortization is a calculation process that specifies loan repayment through EMI during the chosen period.

It has complete details of the principal and interest amount in each EMI to be paid during the entire period, till the loan repayment is completed. This schedule gives the borrower complete details about the principal and interest involved in each EMI.

What is EMI?

Equated Monthly Installment (EMI) is a fixed monthly payment, which is part of an equally divided repayment, used to clear your outstanding loan. The EMI of your personal loan depends on the principal amount of your loan, the rate of interest, and the term of the loan.


How does a personal loan EMI calculator work?

The EMI calculator uses a simple formula to determine your EMI. The formula used is:
E = P * r * (1 + r) ^ n / ((1 + r) ^ n-1) where

  • E is EMI
  • P means principal amount
  • r is the interest rate that is calculated on a monthly basis and
  • n duration / time is

What are the benefits of personal loan EMI calculator from calculator.yojanakhojo.com?

calculator.yojanakhojo.com has the following benefits of an online personal loan EMI calculator Online.

  • Fast EMI calculation
  • Reduces the chances of error
  • This helps in evaluating the appropriate repayment schedule through EMI calculation.
  • This helps in choosing the appropriate amount, which can be repaid on time without affecting the financial position of the borrower.

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